Welcome to Ethan Miller’s blog!

This blog contains a mix of personal news, thoughts, and interesting photos. I’ll try to categorize posts so that you can only see the stuff in which you’re interested. Use tags to find blog posts of particular interest.

Comments are welcome on all of the posts. You’ll need to create an account to post a comment, which will require using a functional email address. I promise that I will never use your email for commercial purposes, and will not send you spam under any conditions. I might use your email address to push out an update to friends a few times per year. Hopefully, that won’t be too much email for you.

I encourage you to follow the blog if you’d like to keep up with family news and photos, since I won’t be posting them on Facebook. There’s an RSS feed available—most RSS readers will pick it up if you enter the blog’s URL (http://ethanmiller.org/wp/). I encourage you to keep in touch via email or text message—see the contact page for details.

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